Why do people go to Psychics?

We all possess intuition, wisdom, psychic power to answer our own questions. Why do we seek answers outside of us when it's inside...within?



Age, stubbornness, veil, not listening, not hearing, denial, mental fog, fear, doubt, questioning, not sure, not trusting. 

Hi, My name is Sandra. I have been a psychic or able to communicate with Spirit, love ones from the other side, animals...since before I started kindergarten. They were as real to me as the kids next door or down the street. I learned things, secrets, everyday things, when I will pass (the Spirit that told me that was told it was not supposed to say that.)

Over time, I realized not everyone can hear. 

Many of my client have called me up years later to tell me everything that I had told them actually came true. 

Time...it's funny...we can take so many different paths in life, change one thing, drive on a different street, take a different route...and our life alters...but eventually we end up on the same road...just not quite in the timeframe that we had imagine. That is how a reading works...and hence weeks, months, years later "Everything came true!"

I read for law enforcement officers, nurses, entrepreneurs, moms, retirees, accountants, hairdressers, executives, other psychics, other psychic clients (Yes, you read that right. Other psychic clients come to me because being famous nor charging an exorbitant amount makes you a good psychic), and the list goes on.

I also read animals, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, snakes, hamster... You get the picture, right? 

All phone readings are $350 for 45 minutes. I'm a talker so I tend to go over. 

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