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Susan M. Chu

Personalized (Private) Mini Crystal Course

Personalized (Private) Mini Crystal Course

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I find a lot of my clients tend to purchase crystals in piecemeal. One for this, one for that and while this is NOT a wrong way, it’s certainly not the most cost effective. Other clients are completely lost and are indecisive on how to start or where to start. There is so much crystal information and trying to decipher all of it, it’s pretty overwhelming.

In this one-of-a-kind YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT, create your own private crystal mini-course, you choose what you would like to cover, how big or how small the project is, what you would like to learn. 

Please note, results are not guarantee. Crystals are NOT included in this crystal consultation. 

Private Mini-Course starts at $300.

Please email for exact quote. 

By purchasing this item, you are acknowledging that this is a deposit only and actual charge might be higher. 

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