Bathrooms are taboo in feng shui. Wait!!! What???

Who is going to buy a home without bathrooms???

Don’t worry! I got you.

The best fix is to beautify your bathroom(s) - add plants, rocks, curtains, salt lamp, colors…pink or if you are more masculine, pin-stripe blue to your bathroom. Own it!

Most plants thrive in bathrooms. Look at all that moisture. You might not even have to water the plants at all. 

Rocks add stability – ocean rocks, crystals, marble.

Salt lamp and light fixtures represent – action, passion, love, leadership, heart, generosity.

What is a bathroom without any WATER, right? Water represents intuition, third eye, coincidences, renewal, subconscious.

And pipes…. There are pipes everywhere in the bathroom, in the home.  Pipes, specifically metal pipes, represent finances (hmm…this is good, right???), clarity, insights,  mental focus and concentration.


Your bathroom represents growth and stability AND covers all five of the feng shui elements.

You can now just live in your bathroom – Hahaha! Who said bathrooms are taboo?