Are you a Tortoise, Lion, or Seashell?


Seashells are an integral component to the marine ecosystem, Crystals are an integral part to human evolution. Crystals raise, elevate our consciousness, vibration, frequency...and on a bigger scale, our home, environment, society. We will look at crystals from a micro and macro perspective, making 3-6 crystal recommendations. (Note: Crystals are not included.)




If slow and steady is your motto, this might be perfect for you. We feng shui each room individually, one by one, at your own pace. You choose the room. We come up with 1-4 recommendations.

Little changes create ripples of long-lasting impact.




If you like…one big swoosh of changes, changing everything in your home and in your life, this might be perfect for you.  We will look at your entire home, making recommendations with the biggest impacts and ultimately…biggest benefits!


$500 and up


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