Have you heard of Flying Stars?

No, no, not that type of stars. Wait! What type of stars are you thinking of? Astrology? Successful, famous, highly sought after celebrities?

It’s not that type of stars. Truth be told, I’m not quite sure why it is called FLYING STARS. There are three auspicious stars – 1, 6, and 8…and two inauspicious stars – 2 and 5.

The auspicious stars represent opportunities, growth, promotion, fortune. The inauspicious stars represent poor health, calamity, unfortunate circumstances.

The stars or the numbers fly around the chart or your home depending on the year. For example, in 2024, the 1, 6, and 8 stars or numbers are in the East, Northeast, and North sectors of your home respectively…and the inauspicious ones??? The 2 and 5 stars are in the Southeast and West.

So, what does this all mean?

Occupying or using rooms in the East, Northeast, and North sectors of your home is auspicious. Spending too much time or (Yikes!!!) sleeping in the Southeast and West are… Well, let’s just say, there are ways to negate the inauspicious stars. If you are ready for a consult, scroll down and drop me a note.